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Friday, April 4, 2014

Movie Review - Sleeping Dogs Lie (2006)

Movie Review – Sleeping Dogs Lie (2006)

Sleeping Dogs Lie on the surface is a typical romantic comedy film. When you have comedian Bobcat Goldthwait (he was a popular standup comedian in the 1980s) as the director and writer of this film it quickly takes a hard left turn deep into the dark forest of dysfunction. Sleeping Dogs Lie is about a woman named Amy who has a dark secret that she has been hiding from the world since college. 

The movie picks up several years after Amy’s incident. Although she has moved on, the secret is still bothering her every day. Now she has a boyfriend named John, and a dog named Steve. They love each other very much, but even when they are intimate, Amy’s secret comes bubbling up to the surface. Amy wants to reveal the secret to John, but she is so ashamed of it that she is sure that John would leave her if he knew.

John and Amy take a trip to her parent’s house for the weekend. We get the pleasure of meeting Amy’s strict parents. As time passes, we begin to learn about them. For example, Amy’s brother has been living with her parents for the last eight months. He has been hiding his drug habit from them for some time. Amy’s mother is not as pure as she seems and she has quite a checkered past. The rest I will leave for you to discover. 

I would say that although this movie fits perfectly into the typical romantic comedy mold, it does have a freshness to it that is often surprising. The catch is the subject matter and language in this film would promptly make the MPAA run for the exits. Melinda Page Hamilton’s performance reminds me of Renee Zellweger’s Bridget Jones character and in some scenes, she actually seems to look like her. Knowing Goldthwait, this was probably intentional.

Overall, the movie is really about duality, honesty and ethics. Sometimes it is better to not tell the person you love the truth, because they may not be able to handle it if you do. 

3.5 out of 5 stars

Rated R

Pros: Subject matter, young Elvis, oral fetish

Cons: Subject matter, Roy Orbinson, not enough sex

Somebody snitched!

A loooooong trip home.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Movie Review - Her (2013)

Movie Review – Her (2013) 

The best way to classify this film is a “romantic drama set in the future.” Theodore is a writer for a company that writes heartfelt lets for its customers. You need a deep heartfelt letter but don’t know what to say or even how to begin? Or a heartfelt apology or a romantic letter, Theodore can write it for you. He is good at his job, but outside the office, Theodore is detached, emotionless and very unhappy since his divorce from his wife. 

Luckily, for Theodore, a new operating system has been released and everyone loves it for being so friendly. Theodore buys it without hesitation and installs it on his computer. After a few basic questions about his mother, and his social interactions the operating system installs. Soon he is greeted by a female voice. He is taken aback by the friendly and chatty personality of the operating system and asks “her” if she has a name. The operating system picked the name Samantha out of a book of baby names that she read immediately after he asked her that question. (A subtle reminder that she IS a computer and not a person.)

Samantha is a fast evolving intelligent operating system that is like a new babe in the world. She is always studying and observing the world with fresh eyes. Theodore enjoys the world as she sees it and he finds Samantha’s zest for life refreshing. 

It doesn’t take long before the two of them are more than best friends spending all of their time together. Even while he is working, Samantha becomes his assistant while he continues to work on his own. When they are at home, they talk and exchange ideas with each other. Samantha is intelligent and creative. She has a gift of music and art, which compliments Theodore’s talents. 

After Theodore has a strange date, Samantha and Theodore become intimate crossing the invisible borderline between friends and lovers. As things move on, deeper questions begin to crop up. Are the feelings that Theodore feels for Samantha real? Are her “feelings” for him real or just elegant programming? Does it matter? You will have to see the film to come to your own conclusions.

There’s very little sex in the film, mainly because most of it is masturbation. It is more of cerebral love / lust that is going on anyway. However, there is one scene that had a lot of potential to be very racy involving a surrogate for Samantha. The scene became a virtual 3way between them with Samantha telling the woman what to do. I cannot wait for a porn version of this movie! I am sure that they will have a lot of fun with that scene!

Overall, the film is an interesting one and quite possibly be ahead of its time. Who knows what will be available in a few years considering the evolution of electronic devices. Having an intelligent operating system like Samantha could open the door to many different types of sexual relationships. 

Rated R

4 out of 5 stars

Pros: Guy / computer sex, kinky phone sex, polyandry

Cons: Not enough sex.
When your virtual girlfriend calls you, do you get a virtual hardon?
Chillin with his chick in bed.   

Pretty much all you are going to see in this movie...

Monday, January 6, 2014

Movie Review - Wife to be Sacrificed (1974)

Movie Review – Wife To Be Sacrificed aka Ikenie fukin (1974)

As the movie opens, we watch a man is staring at a young girl playing by a stream. A woman dressed in a traditional kimono approaches his car and their eyes meet. They recognize each other and he calls out her name, but she ignores him and keeps walking. A few moments later, the girl who was playing by the stream approaches the woman, Akiko. She is crying. Akiko assists her and we discover that the child had been kidnapped. The police begin asking the woman about her husband, and his whereabouts. She has no information for them. The police inform her that the young girl had been sexually molested.  

While Akiko is at the cemetery paying respects to her mother, her husband approaches her. During their conversation, he produces a golden ring and forces it on her finger. Before she could pull her hand away, she realizes that the ring was attached to a long golden chain. The man, her estranged ex-husband forces her into his car and drives off into the countryside. 

He drags Akiko through the woods to a large abandoned house on a hill. The man begins to force himself on her, and Akiko begins to respond to his touches. As soon as she does, he is repulsed by her and stops. He binds her, and rapes her with a large candlestick. He then secures, leaving her there for hours. The next day, he leaves a large breakfast for her just close enough for her to stretch and reach with her mouth. This was part of his plan. After a hardy meal, Akiko has to relieve herself and begs him to take her to the bathroom. He relents, but for a price. She must relieve herself in front of him. 

The next day he allows her to take a bath. During the bath, Akiko finds a razorblade and attacks the man. He tends to his wounds and punishes her by binding her head to toe. That is when her real punishment begins. For Akiko’s early attack, he takes her legs and tie them open held by a bamboo pipe. He takes a nearby candle and begins to pour hot wax all over her body. That was just in the first 15 minutes. 

Over time, the man, her estranged husband breaks down Akiko’s inhibitions. It is not long before she begins to desire pain and being tied. She craves it from him every day…

As you can tell, this is a Japanese Pinku film centered on bondage. I believe that there is also more to it in the subtext of this movie. Often in Pinku films, the director seems to make hints that they believe that people are not being honest about their thoughts and emotions. Often the catalyst of breaking these social norms is the main character that violates the characters in the film. 

If you are a fan of Shibari or rope bondage, you will love this film despite its dark themes. It is very kinky and has a lot of “edgy” scenes. 

In Japanese with English subtitles

3.5 out of 5

Pros: bondage, forced rape, many different bondage positions, forced sex, forced oral

Cons: A very not cool relationship with an underage girl. And a couple of other scenes that I will allow you to discover on your own. 

Renewing their wedding vows.      


She's luvin it.
Punishment comes harshly and quickly.

You probably shouldn't wander off into the woods. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Movie Review - Mandingo (1975)

Movie Review – Mandingo (1975)

During the 1970s amidst the turmoil of the racial tension of the civil rights era, Paramount Pictures decided to release the film Mandingo. Mandingo takes some of the dialog that was floating around at the time and making itself into a minor political statement mixed with the titillation of interracial sexuality playing the “forbidden fruit” card.

Set in the 1800s, Mandingo is the story of a young plantation owner, Hammond, and his elderly father played by the veteran actor James Mason as Warren Maxwell. Warren is feeling his age and pressures his son to seek out a white wife to sire him a grandson before he passes. Hammond has sired many children with the female slaves on the plantation but during the slavery years, African Americans were considered non-humans thus could not be legitimate heirs to the plantation.  Hammond comes across as a “compassionate” slave owner who really doesn’t have the stomach for the brutality he often sees portrayed by other whites.

Puzzled on where to locate a white wife, the senior Maxwell suggested to Hammond that he go visit his cousin in New Orleans to see if she is attractive to him then he could marry her. Before he leaves, a male cousin pays him a visit and they make the journey back to New Orleans together. While stopping by an acquaintance’s plantation, Hammond meets a young slave named Ellen.  He is kind to Ellen and the two of them discover that there is some chemistry between them. Hammond takes Ellen’s virginity and they spend the night together.

Hammond moves on to New Orleans. While in New Orleans, Hammond attends a slave auction and buys a “prize winning Mandingo” named Ganymede (Played by professional boxer Ken Norton.) that they can use to father strong slaves with. Hammond also wants to train the Mandingo slave to fight. Hammond meets his cousin Blanche and a week later, they are married celebrating and their honeymoon in New Orleans. Soon, there is tension in the Maxwell household.

On their way back home, Hammond purchases Ellen to make her his house slave. Hammond begins spending his nights with Ellen exclusively while Blanche’s jealousy grows. It does not take long before the tension between Blanche and Ellen grows into a confrontation that may destroy both of their worlds.

When this film was released, it was widely panned by critics for being a big budget black exploitation film. Looking back at the content of this film, I can say that I have to agree with the critics on this. In addition, some of the scenes seem to be poorly acted and felt unrehearsed. It is rare to see that in a big budget film, but it is there.

One thing for sure, this film did have a subtle influence on American society at the time. This film was the first to show a large amount of both consensual and non-consensual interracial sex, which pushed the taboo of it out into the spotlight. (The term Mandingo is now a cultural reference referring to a virile black man. There is also a porn star that uses the name Mandingo.) It also was one of the first films to attempt to show a realistic portrayal of African Americans during slavery times.  Unfortunately, it was all done ham-handedly.

If you want to see a realistic and better-acted portrayal of African Americans in slavery, I would suggest renting the series Roots by Alex Hayley.

The Mandika people hail from Sierra Leone and the Guinea areas in Africa. They were known for being fierce warriors. You can learn more about them here:

The story of Mandingo is actually based loosely on a series of books by Kyle Onstott written in 1957. (14 books in all!) It was later turned into a short lived stage play.

In English

Rated R

2 out of 5 stars

Pros: Full frontal nudity, interracial sex, prostitutes, black man / white woman, black woman / white man. If you are into race play this is the film for you.

Cons: Nonconsensual slavery, violent fight scenes

Mandingo. Mr. Super Stud 1830

She likes her sausages plump.... If you know what I mean.

The "forbidden fruit".

Her first BBC... 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Movie Review - American Mary

Movie Review – American Mary (2012)

“I quit med school today, that shouldn’t come as a surprise to you…”  - Mary

Think of this movie as a post Halloween bite sized snack. I should warn you that if you are turned off by body modification, blood and surgery scenes this is not the movie for you.

Mary is a starving med student studying to become a surgeon. Being a typical starving student, she is behind on her bills and her grades are beginning to suffer from her spending time working as a waitress. She practices her suturing technique on turkeys often forgetting to cook them for lunch.

Her professor, Dr. Grant, is a hardass. He harasses Mary every chance he gets in and out of class. “Don’t Fuck up!” is a very common phrase of Dr. Grant. His intensity is not completely warranted nor is his focus on Mary.

After Mary discovers that she is behind on her telephone bill, she decides to become a stripper at the Bourbon a go go nightclub where she meets the owner, Billy. Being a semi-gangster type, Billy considers hiring her as a dancer but is interrupted before they could complete her “interview”. As Mary is leaving the building, Billy stops her and offers her $5000 to perform a surgery with no questions asked. One of Billy’s men is lies wounded in the basement, and Mary performs her first surgery on him saving his life.

A few days later, Mary gets a phone call from Beatress, a body modification enthusiast. Mary denies that she knows anything and hangs up on Beatress, but Beatress is a smart woman and tricks Mary by sneaking into her home. She offers Mary a large sum of money to look at her friend’s case. Soon, Mary is performing her second surgery.

The doctors at Mary’s school are quite strange to the average person. They all have a very dark sense of humor and refer to themselves as “slashers”. Mary learns just how dark they become after she is invited to a party at Dr. Walsh’s house.

It does not take long before Mary has been corrupted, taking a dip into the body modification underground. She forms a partnership with Billy where he finds clients for her, and she performs the body modifications.

(What are body modifications you ask? Body modification can be anything from piercings to sub-dermal implants to scarification to saline injection and more on a temporary to permanent basis. Body modification has been done for thousands of years in many cultures around the world as a rite of passage or for beautification.

Many things that are body modifications are now often not thought of as radical such as ear piercing, tattoos or breast augmentation. For more information go here: )

There is not much more that I can mention without ruining the rest of this film. Take a look at the trailer and make your own decision to watch it. There was decent acting in this film, however there was a strange vibe that makes it feel like a dark comedy. Although the title is American Mary, the film and its actors are from British Columbia, Canada.

The directors are twin sisters named Jen and Sylvia Soska who made a cameo appearance in the film as twin sisters that run a body modification site in Europe. Their parents mortgaged their home to help make this film. Their daughters rewarded them by giving them parts in the film.

In English

2 out of 5 stars

Rated R

Pros: Nudity, strippers, extreme body modification, oral sex, sexual choking, male masturbation

Cons: Rape, forced sex, surgery, forced surgery 

Beatress is a huge Betty Boop fan.

She has special needs... 
The Twins.... They directed this movie. Creepy right? 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Movie Review - Elles (2012)

Movie Review – Elles (2012)

Anne is a successful investigative journalist for Elle magazine. Anne is a 40 something, sexually repressed work at home mother. Her assignment this time is to investigate college age call girls. This is a topic that most recently has come to light thanks to websites like Craigslist. Young women often post seeking clients on the site in the United States. In the United States, it is often frowned upon, but this movie is set in France where the attitude seems to be much more relaxed.

The young women that Anne talks to are about her son’s age, and Anne often finds herself taken aback by their frankness and open-mindedness about sex. Anne seems to have had the notion that the young girls would be ashamed of what they do. She thought that the girls should have felt like victims. However, that is not the case. Both girls are doing quite well and seem to be well adjusted with the men that they are seeing.

Girl number one (Alicja) moved to France from Poland. Shortly after arriving, her bags were stolen. She found herself without money or a place to live. Girl number one attempted to get help from Paris University’s student services, but to no avail. She was fortunate enough to meet a very helpful young man who allowed her to stay with him for a while. Shortly after, she was taking her own clients as a call girl. A month later, she had her own apartment.

Girl number two (Lola) is a young student as well. She comes from a lower class family, and it is slowly eating her up inside. The prostitution does not bother her. It is the fact that she feels that no matter what she does that she will always be considered part of the lower class. Unfortunately, the makers of this film did not explore this character’s emotions on this topic.

As the movie progresses things begin to fall apart for all three women. Anne begins to realize that she is frustrated with her life. Her insecurity about her body image and the emotions that she has been bottling up about her husband and her family are beginning to surface. Like a glass vase that is breaking under the strain of too much weight, the cracks begin to grow and grow until it shatters completely.

Girl number one’s mother finally makes it to France and stays with her daughter. It does not take her long to figure out that her daughter is not just a regular student. She finds the expensive items in her daughter’s closet and figures out what her daughter has been up to.

Girl number two is having trouble two fold with a bad client and her relationship with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend knows that something is wrong, but he cannot put his finger on it. Girl number two realizes that her lying to him is hurting their relationship, but would the truth hurt even more?

This movie seems to be moving in several directions at the same time. I think that it genuinely wanted to be deep and sexy but it is hard to be both of those things at the same time.

In French with English subtitles

Rated NC-17

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Pros: Young call girls, older man / younger woman, mutual masturbation, golden showers, masturbation, oral sex. Good simulated sex.

Cons: Confused about the direction it wanted to take. Rape scene. The ending. (Where the hell did she go?)

You can watch the entire movie for free on Youtube at:

Sexy moments from the film.

Life is great when you love your job...