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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Movie Review - American Grindhouse (2010)

Movie Review – American Grindhouse (2010)

This documentary covers the history of American made “grindhouse” films from the 1910s to the present. Many of these films would be considered almost quaint nowadays, but without them there could not have been film noir, soft-core porn, jail house, horror, or torture porn films. Many of the films were questionable but they did feed Hollywood on many levels.  

Related to exploitation films, Grindhouse’s humble beginnings started out with educational films with topics such as child birth, the dangers of STDs and condom use. For many folks at the time, it was the only way that they could receive any type of sexual education.  Arguably, some would say as soon as the invention of the movie was created, there were people attempting to make exploitation films. (See the classic film “The Kiss” that was released as one of the first “controversial” silent films.) Universal Films released the first true exploitation film called “Traffic of Souls” about white slavery in 1913!

The difference between Grindhouse and Exploitation films is fairly simple. Grindhouse films were films of varying "educational" topics that were shown in what would be called adult movie theaters, because many of the subjects were for adults only. Films about nudists etc. were often shown in a semi-documentary format.  Exploitation films were films that were dramatization about sensational subjects of particular genres such as carnival “freaks” or women in prison. 

The term Grindhouse came from the term “Bump and Grind” that were done by burlesque performers that were all over the country during the war years. At some point, burlesque house owners started making films of their performers and began showing them in theaters, which was cheaper than having the performer travel on a circuit from burlesque house to burlesque house. 

As World War 2 finished, the film making guidelines were relaxed and the Grindhouse films moved into the direction of making nudist and exploitation films. This opened the door for film noir and more realism shown in films that the Hollywood system picked up. Soon, actors like Humphrey Bogart and others were making films that were considered grindhouse just a few years earlier.

Grindhouse producers and directors often found themselves on the cutting edge of film making. Although the quality of the films were often lacking, the subject matter was often what was on the lips of their viewing public. Without grindhouse and exploitation films we would not have many genres of films today such as torture porn horror that uses blood and special effects to show on screen murder in great detail. Many of these films became quite successful, such as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, SAW and others. 

Today, there is a resurgence of Grindhouse films that imitate the movie making style of the late 1960s and 1970s such as the film Grindhouse by Quentin Tarantino, Machete by Robert Rodriguez, and Black Dynamite by Scott Sanders. 

Will Grindhouse survive?  Only if it keeps re-inventing itself like it has for the last 90 years.

Rated R – For nudity and language

In English

3.5 out of 5 stars

Pros: Lots of great film clips, nudity, and director interviews

Cons: Film clips do not always have the name attached to it. There are some I wish that I could see!

There is always something to exploit...

From the modern classic Black Dynamite sucka!

And yes, this guy is in EVERY documentary about film.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Movie Review - Asian School Girls (2014)

Movie Review – Asian School Girls (2014)

Asian School Girls is an American made sexploitation action film about 4 high school girls that mixes multiple fetishes into a malformed stew of entertainment. Asian girls wearing Catholic school uniforms. If you like that combination, then this is the chocolate in your peanut butter! 

Wanting to blow off a little steam after a long week at school, one of the girls, May, comes up with the bright idea to go to a night club on Friday night. May is a computer hacker / slacker type who is too smart for school. After suggesting the idea, she surprises them by pulling out a fake id for all of her friends. Using the old, I’m over “at so-n-so’s house” trick, they all fool their parents. 

At the club, the girls dance and have fun. While sitting in the booth, one of the girls notice that two guys were checking them out at the bar. The guys seem friendly, and they buy drinks for all four of the girls. One of the guys mentions a party across town that is being held by a buddy. By the time they get to the hotel, the girls are in a semi-conscious state. 

In the hotel room, there are four older men waiting for them. The girls begin to panic, but cannot fight back as the drugs take hold. The men take the girls and chain them to chairs with ball gags in their mouths, except for Hannah. Hannah didn’t drink much and she had the pleasure of being chained to the bedpost with a ball gag while the men took turns raping her.

After the men took turns raping Hannah, they have their way on the other girls as well. The next day, the girls wake up on the street like discarded piles of trash. They start to figure out what happened to them, and was struck by the realization that they all had been raped. 

Distraught, the girls decide to take revenge out on the men that did this to them. One of the girls decides to contact a friend of her brother who just happens to be a cocaine dealing martial art expert who also attends classes at their high school! They strike up a deal, and for $5000 he will teach them martial arts and how to use handguns. Where did the girls get the money you ask? They become strippers at a local strip club. So to sum it up, we have underage teen rape victims that become strippers to get revenge on their rapists. Are you following this so far??  

The girls make their money, after a short martial art training montage they are on a revenge spree across the city. The rest you can probably figure out.

This film was distributed by The Asylum, the same company that is responsible for Sharknado and a long list of other pieces of cinematic garbage. This film can easily be added to the list. One of the biggest problems with this film is that although there is nudity in this film, there is no swearing which sticks out for some strange reason. I guess they have plans on editing it for television. This went straight to DVD.

Bad acting, lack of emotion etc. are par for the course here. I wonder how this film would have been if it were an actual Asian film?

Not Rated - My guess would be that they would rate it as an R.

1 out of 5 stars

In English

Pros: Strippers, lots of breasts, Asian women in school girl uniforms, girl / girl scene, torture, rape

Cons: Non-consensual sex, bad martial arts.


You can watch the entire film on Youtube here:

The ladies.

Torture anyone?

I guess no one bothered to tell her that it was a rape party that she was invited to...

Yea sure, all teens have pierced nipples...

Monday, June 9, 2014

Movie Review - The Ages of Lulu (1990)

Movie Review – The Ages of Lulu (1990)

The Ages of Lulu (aka Las edades de Lulu) follows the life of a young woman from birth into maturity starting in the 1960s Spain and moving forward. Lulu has developed a serious crush on Pablo who is her older brother Marcelo’s best friend. One evening, Pablo and Lulu’s brother sit chatting in the living room. Pablo mentions to Marcelo that he has an extra ticket to a rock n’ roll concert later that evening, but Marcelo cannot make it. Lulu’s brother suggested that he ask Lulu out to the concert. 

After the concert Lulu and Pablo go to a cafĂ© for drinks and desert. Afterwards, they spend time in Pablo’s car and Pablo seduces the young Lulu by teasing her through her white panties. This proves to be a bit overwhelming for the young Lulu. They leave the parking lot to go to Pablo’s mother’s art studio. He coaxes Lulu into revealing that she had experimented with masturbation while she sat without panties on his lap. That night they make love for the first time.

There is a certain level of creepiness with Pablo in the beginning of this film. It is hard to tell if Pablo is a couple of years old or 10 years older than Lulu. However, if you continue to watch the film, the creepiness wears off.

Shortly after their evening together, Pablo and Lulu’s brother Marcelo leave for graduate school in America. Before Pablo leaves he promises that he will come back for her. Several years pass by, and Lulu’s love for Pablo never fades.

We continue on through different aspects of Lulu and Pablo’s relationship as they grow together into marriage. With each new stage in their relationship, they raise the kink level. (Transgendered female, bondage, 3way, 4way, group sex, and more.) With each new category of sexuality, they always find themselves passionately in love. 

Pablo is kinky and experienced. He shares this with Lulu without telling her. He is clearly dominating Lulu and it shows in several scenes that they have together.  There is a slight edginess to Pablo that pushes Lulu toward new kinky horizons but that is not always the case. When Lulu and Pablo met Ely, a transgender prostitute, it was Lulu’s idea to harass Ely and her friends.

The hottest scene in the film pushed multiple taboo buttons that ended up with an explosion of several types featuring bondage. However, when pushing boundaries, there is always a point where you can find you and your partner stepping an emotional landmine. The crash that Pablo and Lulu hit would probably destroy most couples. Lucky for them, love has a way of working things out and that is how it should be. 

Overall, this is really a light romance story with a lot of erotica mixed in. Despite the forward movement in time, we learn very little about the characters in the film. Besides the sex, we know nothing about them. 

This film was based on a book with the same title by Almudena Grandes. It sold over one million copies in the 1990s. I guess that you could call it the 50 Shades of Grey of its time.

In Spanish with English subtitles

Rated NR (No rating from the MPAA)

2.5 out of 5 stars

Pros: Age play, erotic shaving, Dominant Male / Submissive female, 3ways, 4ways, orgies, bondage, voyeurism, prostitution, bi men

Cons: The age of Pablo’s character was a bit off putting. It was hard to tell if this guy was in the same age range as Lulu or an adult taking advantage of a young woman. The ending and the soundtrack was moronic. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Movie Review - The Lost Door (2008)

Movie Review – The Lost Door (2008)

We enter the film as a strange woman is being guided down a long dark corridor by two women in uniform. The woman is checked in at the desk. It is a mental hospital somewhere in France. She is taken and locked away in room 212. An assistant wants her to come out of the room so that she may meet with the court appointed psychiatrist in charge of her case, but Christina will not come out of the room. Two nurse orderlies grab her by the arms and pull her into the office. The strange woman’s name is Christina and we follow her journey that floats between fantasy and reality. 

Why is Christina there you ask? Christina is there because she murdered someone and we do not know why. When the doctor attempts to hear her point of view to help to determine if she is sane or not for capital punishment, Christina does not answer. She is dragged away and taken to the basement where she is forced to participate in an orgy. Was it real? Did it happen? Or was it a memory?

The doctor returns to ask Christina more questions about her life, and the events that led up to the murder. We are taken further into the dreamy surreal sex fantasy world of Christina’s mind. It is hard to tell which events actually happened, and which ones are Christina’s fantasies. 

What we have here is a French psychological drama / murder mystery mixed with a heaping spoonful of real sex, introspective thoughts on love and the director’s sexual fantasies.  The problem here is that it doesn’t translate well into an American’s eyes. The film comes across as a confusing mix of art and erotic imagery that teases more than it pleases. 

In French with English subtitles

Rated NR

2 out of 5 stars

Pros: Nudity, Real sex, girl / girl sex, rape, rough sex, oral sex, pee

Cons: A little too introspective or talky. Needs more erotica.

Here’s a few minutes from the movie:

So I went to a party and THIS happened...