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Monday, October 5, 2015

Movie Review - Destricted (2006)

Movie Review – Destricted (2006)

Destricted is a film that blends human sexuality and art into a sometimes shocking and erotic set of vignettes filmed around the world. Each vignette has its own set of rules that makes each one unique. I will try to summarize each film without giving away too much information about the story.

The film begins with a short vignette from the Balkans called Balkan Erotic Epic by Marina Abramovic. This vignette features a woman that tells the story of several Balkan customs and superstitions from the Middle Ages that were often tied to farming, marriage and safety. Many of them are humorous compared to how we view things nowadays. Broken into five pieces each piece is a short film illustrating the traditional custom or an animation illustrating the custom at work. For example, if a woman wanted her husband or lover to stay with her and love her she would take a fish and insert it into her vagina overnight. The next morning, she will take the fish and grind it into powder. This powder is then added into his coffee. If the man finishes the coffee, he will stay with her forever. That is an unusual custom but there are variations on this around the world. It also features several Balkan folksongs featuring several men and women dressed in traditional Balkan clothing.

Some of the films completely lack any dialogue whatsoever. The films are meant to be artistic without any dialogue getting in the way. For example vignette number two is called Death Valley. Death Valley features a man wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt on the middle desert. He walks into the picture and pulls off his T-shirt, unzips and pulls down his pants. He begins to masturbate as if he’s making an offering to the desert to completion.

Number three, Hoist, is an usual looking scene where you do not know what exactly you are looking at initially. As the vignette continues, we see a crew working in a large hoist that is carrying a smaller machine covered in roots and other organic material. The men examine the hoist, and it begins to move. Somewhere inside of the inner workings of this large machine is a man covered in the organic material and some sort of heavy lubricant. You will have to see this scene for it to make sense.

Vignette number four is called “Impaled”. It is actually an audition for a low-budget porn film but during the process is turned into a documentary because the director takes the time to interview all of the young men that show up to audition for the film. After he interviews several men, we are introduced to several porn actresses that will appear with one of the young men in the film. We also get to learn a little about each actress including their backgrounds and how they got started in porn. Unfortunately, we are never really let in on the director’s thought process. We don’t know why he picked the actor that eventually starred in his film. After the documentary segment, it actually turns into a full-blown porn film to completion.

The rest of the films were slightly artier using a heavy dose of strobe effects. There actually two different versions of this collection. There is a US and the UK version with the UK version missing several minutes and a slightly different selection of films. I am not sure why.

In English

Rated NC-17

2 out of 5 stars

Pros: full frontal nudity, male-female masturbation, actual sex, costumes, older woman / younger man, porn stars

Cons: some pieces are not very erotic, is an acquired taste.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Movie Review - Pleasure or Pain (2013)

Movie Review – Pleasure or Pain (2013)

Pleasure or Pain seems to have been written by someone who saw or read 50 Shades of Grey and decided to make their own version of it. A podcast show invites a woman in to tell “her story”. The story starts out with the woman’s cautionary tale about lust. 

Set somewhere in Los Angeles, Jack Thorton, a millionaire real estate mogul is shopping in his favorite store for some home decorations when he is introduced to Victoria (played by Malena Morgan). Victoria is a jewelry designer who catches Jack’s eye. Jack invites Victoria back to his place and seduces her. 

After a few encounters Jack quickly asks Victoria to marry her. Victoria says “no”, because she does not know him well enough. Jack is not the kind of guy that gives up. One evening while they were performing passionate doggy style in the back of Jack’s Mercedes, Jack asked her again this time she says “yes.” I guess he changed her mind?

The happy couple was promptly married in a beach ceremony. Soon, Victoria began to worry about the other women in Jack’s life becoming jealous of all of the women that he knew before they were married. Victoria was suspicious of Jack’s “hobbies” and confronts him. Jack invites Victoria in on his adventures at the hotel.  

How do you think it will end?

Fact: Malena Morgan was made Penthouse Pet of the month, November 2011. 

The film’s dialog sounds a lot like an erotic story and the sex scenes are more like edited porn, but careful attention was paid not to show the “naughty bits”. Some scenes were so short that it makes you wonder why they bothered starting the scene. There was another weird BDSM club scene in this movie. I am not sure what’s going on in Los Angeles’ BDSM clubs but you probably aren’t going to see a 30 guys and 3 women there.

This was the last film directed by Zalman King, the director of erotic films such as Wild Orchid, 9 ½ weeks, and Two Moon Junction. King started out his career in Hollywood as an actor starring on such shows as Gunsmoke and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. In the late 1980s, he moved over to the director role making several erotic classics that are still referenced to today.

In English

1.5 stars out of 5

Pros: Full frontal nudity, shaved, sex in car, desert play, 3way, group sex, lesbian sex, spanking, phone sex, voyeurism, masturbation, porn stars

Cons: Silly script, the acting was ok in some parts but mostly bad. Weird relationship going on. 

She's not very shy.

Ridem cowgirl!

She says that she has trouble letting go...What do you think? 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Movie Review - The Big Doll House (1971)

Movie Review – The Big Doll House (1971) 

The early 1970s introduced the world to new and improved poorly made American exploitation film full of colorful characters from the seedy underground from around the world. The Big Doll House was the first popular film of the “women in prison” genre. The executive producer was Roger Corman famous for his low budget “B” horror and action films (Death race 2000, Piranha) and directed by Jack Hill who later went on to direct Pam Grier in the iconic Coffy, Foxy Brown and more.

Set somewhere deep in the Philippian jungle, a women’s prison holds an unusual number of American women for a number of crimes ranging from drug use to murder. Our main characters share a single cell totaling six women. When new cellmate Collier enters the cell, we quickly discover that the power structure of the cell is very strained.

Each of the women in the cell are in prison for a wide variety of crimes from drug use to murder. The close quarters may also be working on their sanity as well. It does not take much to push them over the edge into a fight scenario.

The head wardress (chief prison guard), Lucian, is extremely strict. If you are caught, you will find yourself on a late night trip to the “hot house”, a mysterious S&M dungeon inside the prison. Lucian tortures inmates there while a mysterious hooded man watches. This is turns out to be fantasy food for many BDSM scenes and prison films over the years. Other films in this genre take the prison scenario into different directions. All of the films that follow use this trope from PG to X rated.

The head wardress enjoys her job. She only cares about getting the answer to her questions. Who cares if her methods are strangely sadistic and psychosexual? Most of Lucian’s techniques are something that you might see in a play scene from Too bad the scenes are rather short.

After inmate Bodine is left secured spread eagle in a small bamboo cage hanging over the prison yard all day in the hot tropical sun, the inmates begin to devise a plan to escape the prison. Will their plan work?

The lovely Pam Grier is a supporting actress in this film. It would be several more films before she lands the iconic role of Coffy.

Also appearing in the film is Sid Haig, a legendary actor who most people may not know him by name, but you will probably recognize his face. He has been in countless television roles as well as movies since the 1960s and most recently starred in House of 1000 corpses as Captain Spaulding.

Rated R

In English

2.5 out of 5 stars

Pros: Flogging, mud wrestling, electro-stim, rape – female domination, bondage, water torture, Pam Grier!!!

Cons: Non-consensual BDSM, rape

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Movie Review - The Duke of Burgundy (2014)

Movie Review – The Duke of Burgundy (2014)

If you have ever watched any European made films from the mid-1960s-early 1970s, the Duke of Burgundy will definitely remind you of something from that period. The aesthetic of soft naturally lit sensual shots of the actresses have a photoshoot quality to them that makes it sexy without being in your face. Lingerie, leather boots, and tight skirts have a natural allure like eye candy without looking like a porn film.

The film centers around two characters, an older woman named Cynthia (Sidse Babett Knudsen) who is the homeowner / employer, and Evelyn (Chiara D’Anna) who is a student / house cleaner who is cleaning Cynthia’s home. Evelyn rides her bike every day to Cynthia’s home and is greeted by the curt Cynthia. Cynthia is a harsh boss and she punishes Evelyn for her laziness.

Cynthia teaches at the local institute on Duke of Burgundy butterfly and other species. She has also written books on local butterflies and other insect species. Evelyn also attends the classes taught by Cynthia as well with about 30 other women.  

There is much more to meet the eye than what we receive in the initial impressions of this story. I will not give it away but I will say that it does involve kink. The bulk of the movie is the interactions between the two women. There is a smoldering tension between them that is quite sexy. 

Unfortunately, you cannot compare this film to any of the other films that came out in the past year. As I mentioned it is a lot like how they made films a long time ago. They managed to capture sensuality without nudity, which is a hard thing to do. 


In English

3.5 out of 5 stars

Pros: Female domme / female submissive, BDSM, roleplaying, lingerie, bondage, costumes, older woman / younger woman, face sitting, boot blacking, voyeurism, golden showers are suggested

Cons: Topping from the bottom, no nudity.